Zen + Groove

We create a space to unwind. A space to let loose. Our mission is to provide playful, heartfelt yoga classes that combine a live DJ with state of the art light/sound.

Each attendee is in for a soulful, melodic ride- this isn't your standard yoga class. Aside from bringing the vibes, we strive to create a community who's interest are in wellness, groovy music, and sprinkles of magic.

Come get bendy with us! 


Deep House Yoga started in November '15 when Alissa Jo Seymoure began curating classes in Ann Arbor, MI. She has since expanded both frequency and locales for their classes across the continent.  Deep House Yoga classes take place anywhere a sound system can be utilized; from nightclubs, to cruise ships, festivals, corporate events, and parks. Classes run anywhere from 30 - 75 minutes in a vinyasa-style flow that's available to all skill levels.